Session Conduct

The majority of conventional weekly sessions are designed to be of a duration which does not extend over the lunch (or appropriate break) periods and therefore should not require students to bring food. If you wish to bring a snack, please ensure that it is easy to eat / clean away and does not pose a risk to creating stains etc. (i.e. from experience, chocolate is not appropriate but fruit / fruit bars / other dry snacks etc. are fine)

While we will provide water in the classroom (also tea and coffee for adults), if you wish to bring some other drink for hydration please ensure that it is in a non-spill cup so that equipment is protected. 

For some intensive courses, we will provide lunch as part of the normal learning day, but for all other courses which last over the lunch period it is advised that students bring their own packed lunch - if only to ensure that they cater for their own dietary needs.

For summer / weekend special courses, please ensure that you bring a packaged lunch which can be eaten during our planned breaks.

Special note: If you / your child requires special dietary needs, has specific food allergies or intolerances, or requires regular food consumption, please inform Edukus so that we can make preparations / advise other students of the special conditions of that session.

Edukus run commercial courses which you are paying to attend. It is therefore logical that there are rules in place so that everyone gets the most out of the course without disruption by other students.

  • All students must be civil at all times, both to staff and students.
  • There should be no swearing, discussion of politics, religion or any other topic which other students may find offensive, uncomfortable etc.
  • As far as is possible, all students have access to their own equipment but non-common use equipment may need to be shared - sharing needs to be civil, fair and equal so that all students have equal opportunity to carry out practical work.
  • All students will abide by the health and safety information discussed at the start of every course, and in the case of specific equipment, at the start of each practical session.

All students participating in Edukus courses agree to abide by these rules. If conduct is such that a student is asked to leave the course, no refunds are possible and the student may be banned from future courses.