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£40 per session
90 minute session
6 Week Course
All Equipment Provided

Introduction to Python (pre-GCSE)

Code: INTPY001

Who is the course for?

Python has quickly become one of the more common languages taught to students at the GCSE and pre-GCSE level to instruct in computer programming logic.

As a general guide, this course is aimed at UK year groups 7,8 and 9 (pre-GCSE) mainly to ensure that the experience of the course is similar across all students, and Python has become a part of a range of academic qualifications in the UK aimed at this age group. The course is able to accommodate students outside this range with prior arrangement.

What will I learn?

One of the common criticisms levelled at pre-GCSE IT tuition in the UK at present is in regards to content. While GCSE courses and above introduce true IT learning, pre-GCSE courses currently concentrate on end-user experiences, such as using office automation applications, email and web-browsers.

This course, while covering some of this material in order to ensure that there is a level degree of knowledge in the classroom, is intended to fill that gap and act as a preparation for GCSE courses in both IT and non-IT related courses which may benefit from additional knowledge of computing. This course is intended as a jump-start, giving the student an advantage in their GCSE work with a head start of knowledge and practical experience.

Areas covered by the course:

  • Basic programming concepts including Variables, Logic and Conditional Statements, Data Types etc.
  • Getting user input
  • Iterations (looping)
  • Using functions
  • Using modules
  • Handling strings (text)
  • A basic introduction to objects, and the creation of them.
  • A basic introduction to user interfaces 

How long is this course?

This course is structured as 6 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes in length.

All computer equipment is provided in class as part of the course, and all software used is freely available from the Internet for use at home.

Is there additional learning?

Because of the nature of the course, there are additional uses of key skills such as English, Maths and general communications such as presentations and working as a team.

Where might this course lead?

This course is intended as an initial introduction to programming and/or programming with Python. It provides a head start to later IT learning, as well as use by the student in their own private use of IT. This course is ideal as an introduction and precursor to programming in more advanced Python as well as adapting to other commonly used languages which may have both academic and employability benefits.

This course is also ideal as an introduction to the other more specialised IT courses offered by Edukus, especially for those students who would like to progress into software development.

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