Children and Youth Education

Edukus run two different types of course for Children and Young Adults.

Fixed Duration Courses

Out traditional, fixed-duration course structure follows a set syllabus over a short period of time, such as a 6 week short course or a full traditional school term. In each week, the course covers a planned lesson in the same way as traditional education structures but naturally in Edukus' own adaptive 'Boutique Education' style in a small, comfortable class environment. At the end of the course, the student leaves with a certificate of attendance, including a statement of learning detailing exactly what they have learned on the course.

Typically, Fixed Duration courses are gauged to suit a particular age range, though mainly so that students can interact with other students of their own age.


Although we call the second form a 'club', this really only means that it is an open ended structure which teaches skills over a longer duration with no defined end point. This open-ended format, similar to attending a club or extracurricular learning class, is ideal for students who want to learn the skills but also implement those skills over a long period of time with practicals and projects. The club structure is ideal for students who want to become involved in skilled arts subjects such as Film Making and 3D Computer Graphics.

Clubs tend to have a wider range range.