Edukus is all about education in general, but specifically in the IT, Film and Digital Creative Arts areas. Our staff are also software developers, film makers and digital artists in their own right. It goes without saying therefore, that we fully believe in credit where credit is due.

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All of the following photographers and artists donate their work, free of charge to general use - it would be a great help to them to pay Unsplash a visit and view their work.

Nick Morrison

Priscilla Du Preez

Austin Distel

Nicole Honeywill

You X Ventures

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

lucas Favre

Jakob Owens

Nik MacMillan

Christopher Robin Ebbinghaus

Christian Wiediger

Markus Spiske

Wahid Khene

Ion Şipilov

Ines Álvarez Fdez

The Climate Reality Project

Christiann Koepke

Howard Lawrence B

Kelly Sikkema

Matthew Kwong